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Fine wood

Only Aged Wood Sounds Good Enough

No good music comes out of newly cut wood. At Fino, that has been accounted for since Fino's establishment.

Thanks to the great work of our Quality Control Department, all woods must be stored in our warehouse for long enough before being used. Along with the exquisite handicraft from the Production Department, Fino's instruments sound as wonderful as it possibly can.

Fine Accessories Make Fine Music

You need more than just fine instruments.

With more than 10 years in the industry, Fino's accessories cover more than 50 kinds of musical instruments. If you want to customize a unique design, talk to our R&D Team and make it happen!
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Fine Accessories photo 2

Why Choose Us

Flexible Warranty
You have our back in dealing with any quality issues of Fino products. You can get in touch with our saleman via e-mail when it occures.
Experienced Sales
All our sales have experienced professional and intensive training. You can consult them for the best products possible to your business.
Efficient Communication
You can send us your inquiries at any time by e-mail, and get our answers within 12 hours, be it before-sales or after-sales.